German Australian Pfadfinder Scouts

Scouts is the largest youth organisation in the world. You can join the boys and girlsaged 6* years and up, enjoying scouting … in German in Canberra, by joining the German Australian Pfadfinder Scout Group! What a great way for your child to make friends, learn lots of new skills and have fun, while they practice, use, maintain and expand their German!

Scouts has the aim of developing young people physically, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and socially. Scouting emphasizes nature, adventure, citizenship, leadership and having FUN!!!

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Come along for a free trial, before you decide – we are sure you’ll be impressed! Our leaders are fantastic, energetic, enthusiastic; and deliver an amazing program. Our families are friendly, committed and wonderful.

Join the boys and girls of the German Australian Pfadfinder Scouts, as a Joey (6-8yrs*), Cub (9-11yrs), Scout (12-14yrs) or Venturer (15-17yrs).

(Note for 2024: Joeys and Venturers are on PAUSE at Pfadfinder, while we train new leaders! Sign up to the leader training to get these great programs going strong again – the children will love you for it!)

*Parents may bring  children who are nearly 6 years old along to participate, as long as the child has already had two terms of Kindergarten at primary school, and parent accompanies them and takes full responsibility for them at all times. 

Pfadfinder is a program of the Spielwelt German Parents Association Inc  [ABN 22 794 868 994], a not for profit organisation running children’s programs in German in Canberra.