What to bring and rules for camping

Hallo liebe Pfadfinder,

Pfadfinder 8 years and up should be encouraged to do all their own packing (especially if we are sleeping overnight at our hall) as this is a great learning opportunity!

You can download the Pfadfinder printable packing list for your child to use, to tick off items as they pack. Alternatively, here is the list, below.


  • Hut und Sonnenkreme
  • Pfadfinderdecke (wer hat)
  • Kissen
  • Schlafsack
  • Luftmatratze/camping mat (unless we are sleeping at our hall, in which case, you could borrow one of our small blue mattresses)
  • Kuscheltiere (wer moechte)
  • Medikamente
  • Wasserflasche
  • Pfadfinderuniform (wear this on the first day when you come)
  • Kleidungswechsel
  • Extra jumper
  • Jacke (it can get cold at night) and/or Regenmantel
  • Pyjama
  • Small day-pack to carry your water bottle, hat and jacket on our walks
  • Zahnburste, Zahnpasta, Kam
  • Taschenlampe
  • Towel (for longer camps at a campsite with showers)
  • Badehose and towel (if swimming or canoeing)
  • Fahrrad und Helm (if biking)

Nicht mitbringen:

  • Messer
  • Feuerzeug
  • Elektronische Geraete (ausser Venturers & Rovers)
  • Geld (unless you have been asked to bring it for badges or park entry, for example)
  • Suessigkeiten

Normaleweise, Spielwelt stellt:

  • All meals and snacks (including vegetarian options, and organic where possible)
  • Besteck
  • Teller
  • Toepfe
  • Getraenke (Wasser, Saft)
  • Spielmaterialen
  • Zelt (for family camps, families bring their own tents – if you need to borrow a tent, let us know)
  • Cooking equipment


Unsere normalen Pfadfinderregeln gelten, sowie unsere Ausflugsregeln:

Pfadfinder bleiben zusammen, dass heisst, ohne Erwachsenen trennt man sich nicht von der Gruppe.

Unter folgenden Umstanden geht es fuer die betreffende Person vorzeitig zurueck nach Hause:

  1. Ein Pfadfinder verletzt absichtlich jemand anderen.
  2. Ein Pfadfinder trennt sich ohne Erwachsenen von der Gruppe.
  3. Ein Pfadfinder hat Heimweh.

Adult help requested:

The leaders would love to be supported in the following areas (especially if you will be leaving your child with us for the weekend, without you being there):

  • equipment loading (Friday) / stowing (Sunday night) at the hall
  • supplying a casserole or potato salad (say), or even a cake for our afternoon tea (with extra-large slices for leaders!!)
  • if the camp is nearby, why not volunteer to come out and help in the camp kitchen for one of the meals
  • all help and support is greatly appreciated. Our leaders are all volunteers.